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I'm soooul happy that you are here and honored to get to guide and support you on your journey of healing, growth, and expansion. The magic that awaits you is already within you ... I'm going to help guide you there!

Available Products

Tapping With the Moon: a 30-day tapping journey

Awaken your intuition through the magic of the moon cycles… This is designed to begin on the New Moon 🌙✨

The Magic of Manifesting Through Tapping

Learn how to use the magic of tapping to manifest your soul’s desires through this 2hr+ guided workshop and experience.

Healing Your Inner Child: a soul-led hypnosis journey

Reconnect with your inner-child to find healing and awaken your inner wisdom through this soul-led hypnosis journey.

7-day Soul Embodiment Tapping Journey

Using the practice of tapping and energetic embodiment practices, this week-long journey will support you in coming into deeper connection and alignment with your soul's essence/energy and releasing what may be in the way of you living and embodying the truths of your soul. You'll end this week-long experience feeling more open, more aligned, and more connected to the wisdom of your soul. 

Tapping Into a Higher Vibration

Experience the magic + expansion of tapping into a Higher Vibration... Our energetic body is something we don’t see with our eyes but we feel the impact of it every day. Every thought, belief, and emotion you experience carries a unique energetic vibration. During this workshop, I will guide you through a tapping practice you can use over and over again to raise your frequency.

A Guide to Tapping Into Your Intuition

Cultivate a deeper connection with your intuition through 33 journal prompts and 11 meditation prompts all designed to help you connect with your intuition in five minutes or less. 

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